IceArmor protectors - with care about our children's health.
Our company's history began in November 2015.

A group of enthusiasts, who are also the parents of young hockey players, started to develop a hockey player's neck protector. The task was not only to protect against cuts, but also to protect neck against possible hits with a puck or a stick.

At that time, it was already known about many tragedies around the world that occurred due to this reason.

We tried to improve serial neck protectors primarily for our children.

Everything changed after the widely covered tragedy that took place in March 18, 2016 in Moscow in "Grad" training center. Then an 8-year-old hockey player died during the training. It is impossible to convey the despair and sorrow from the absurdity and uselessness of such death.

At the same time, we were tormented by the question - why did this happen?
Why are the big names in the hockey industry do nothing to protect our children?

We didn't find an answer, but we decided to invest our own funds in the development of a product that would provide real protection of a hockey player's neck from hits. We allocated investments.

We recruited a team of specialists. We studied the issue from the point of view of medicine and biomechanics. We determined the direction of research and set the task. By the end of 2017, the task was completed.

The material of RusArmor energy-absorbing shields based on a dilatant polymer has been develope A computer modeling has been carried out and a computer model has been create Test samples were cast and sewn. Laboratory tests for energy absorption have been carried out. Brand concept was developed. Patent applications were filed. Serial production was started.

IceArmor products effectively protect against puck and stick impact all around the neck (360 Guard). This makes it an absolutely unique solution. Today, there are no analogues of products manufactured using this technology anywhere in the world.

Now we are a modern and high-tech full-cycle production, which includes a development department, a laboratory, a molding department, a laser cutting department, a sewing design department and a sewing workshop.

The best materials, the latest technological equipment and a team of professionals allow us to create a product that is not inferior in quality to recognized world brands in the field of hockey protectors production.

We are the only manufacturer to use 360 Guard, which makes our company truly unique.

Today our products are presented not only in all regions of Russia, but also in more than 7 countries of the world.

We are constantly working on the product, making it perfect. We also develop and prepare for production new products designed to ensure the safety of a hockey player on the ice.

Our assets:
We are the parents of young hockey players
All products developed by us are primarily given to our children. We are more than anyone interested in their safety, comfort and efficiency in training and games.
Development department

The design department allows us to develop and adjust the composition of materials and protector design for greater ergonomics and safety.
Innovative materials

The most modern European materials are used in production: dilatant, kevlar, supplex, ultra-high molecular polyethylene.
Sports medicine doctors
The development team includes sports medicine doctors who advise on medicine and biomechanics when creating and modifying products.
Sewing and molding workshop
Own production facilities allow us to make quickly adjustments to the model design and guarantee quality control at every stage of production.
Testing laboratory
Our own laboratory allows us to carry out tests for energy absorption and abrasion cycles of materials used in production. This guarantees the production of high quality protective equipment.
Our contacts:
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394026, Russia, Voronezh, st. 45 Strelkovoi Divizii, 224 sales department phone: +7 (950) 751-11-55 hot line: 8 (800) 707 63 05 (free call) email:
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