We help our future champions to train and play as safely as possible.
Conceptual development of a hockey player's neck protector:
The path from the idea of creating a neck protector agains hits and cuts to the final product began with a detailed study of each element of protector.

Development (3d - modeling and selection of components) of RusArmor dilatant shields, selection of high quality fabrics, including Kevlar, design of the finished appearance. And this process continues.

Both the development of new products and the improvement of already created serial samples are underway.
Manufacturing of thermoformed protective shields:
During the manufacture of RusArmor protective shields, a unique formula developed by our technologists is used, which includes a dilatant material.

Its peculiarity is that under impact loading, the elastic material becomes solid, dissipating 98% of the impact energy, and then returns to its original state.

In addition, we introduce a special thermoformable component into the formula of RusArmor protective shield, which, when heated to 37.6 degrees (for example, during warm-up), fully provides a comfortable fit for the neck.
Sewing workshop:
In our sewing production we use only new and best models of sewing machines, which allow us to use the most advanced sewing technologies in our products - for example, a Flatlock seam.

We create a product that meets the world standards of the sports clothing industry using the original fabrics and accessories of the best European manufacturers.

Quality control at every stage and continuous improvements of the product allow us to offer a truly high-quality innovative product.
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