Memorial to the hockey players died from a neck injury
Alexey Orekhov
On January 14, 2016, during one of the youth hockey league matches between Novokuznetsk Metallurg and Sibir, the puck hit Alexey Orekhov's neck, thereby causing damage of the neck bone which made him fall unconscious. On February 2 of the same year, the captain of Metallurg died шт hospital without regaining consciousness in
Bengt Åkerblom
Swedish hockey player, two-time Swedish champion with Djurgarden IF.

His teammate Andreas Olsson tried to avoid a collision with Åkerblom lying on the ice and jump over him, but during the jump Andreas' skate grazed Åkerblom's neck and cut his carotid artery and trachea. The 28-year-old hockey player died a few hours later in a hospital in Mora.
Sasha Grafkin
The most noteworthy incident happened in Moscow in 2007. 11-year-old hockey player Sasha Grafkin, who showed great promise in sports, was warming up, skating around the hockey rink behind the goal when he got hit with a puck in the neck. The critical care team quickly arrived at the scene, but only to ascertain the death of a fourth-grader. He died without regaining consciousness.
Savely Manko
He came to the goal to collect the pucks and another player threw the puck into the goal. The puck hit Savely in the neck, the boy fell onto the ice. The ambulance team that quickly arrived was unable to save the teenager. Savely died.
Timur Faizutdinov
"It's dumb to play in the collar" they said and were wrong
The game took place on March 12, 2021. At some point, a puck hit Timur's neck. You can't tell what part of the neck exactly - the player just grabbed his head and fell onto the ice. Timur was immediately put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. The puck broke the carotid artery, damaged the spinal bones near the neck

He died in 4 days
Why did this happen
The idea that neck protection is optional leads to irreparable consequences. "It looks childish" - think children and youths of sports hockey teams. It is also worth noting that most of the coaching staff think the same way. Coming up to the adult hockey world, at the age of 18, young men remove the "Children's" protection. But still, even after that age the body remains unstable and not prepared for such types of injuries.

It is prohibited by the regulations to remove protection under 18 years old, but only at tournaments. As the sad events of the past years show, during training, there also can be unforeseen and tragic cases. And they could have been avoided simply by wearing protection.

But even here there is a fly in the ointment. All the protection presented on the Russian market is just polyurethane foam, several millimeters thick, which protects only from cuts, but not from impacts.

We want to change the attitude of the parents of children, the hockey players themselves, the coaches and the FHR leadership towards wearing neck protectors. We want to convey them that the current injury prevention system is effective, but is not enough to avoid fatalities on the ice.

That's why the revolutionary protection against both cuts and Impact was developed. There are simply no analogues in the whole world and that's a pity...

Our task is to make as many people as possible to get to know about protection, which really shows its effectiveness over several years. If you want to play safe hockey, support us.
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